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The blogs are there for you to read for free, which kind of means I need to try and persuade those of you who enjoy them to buy my books! The first three books I wrote are partly about sport, normally sport played quite badly, but mainly about the friendships that sport encourages. I have a book on Bees coming out in March 2020, with Icon Publishing, and a book on The Manx Shearwater in April 2021. If I have a serious novel in me, it is still buried deep. I expect that is how it will remain.

LIQUID GOLD Bees and the Pursuit of Midlife Honey

Published by Icon Books on March 5th 2020

Available to pre-order now through One Tree Books, Petersfield (carriage free) and all online bookshops.–Bees-and-the-Pursuit-of-Midlife-Honey/24536553

Liquid Gold pre-order page

UNLIMITED OVERS A Season of Midlife Cricket

Published by Quiller on April 18th2019. Foreword by Dan Norcross.

Available now.

NOT OUT FIRST BALL The Art of being beaten in beautiful places

Published by Benefactum in 2013. Listed for the MCC Book of the Year prize in the same year. Foreword by David Gower

NOT OUT OF THE WOODS A year of agony and ecstasy in Golf’s foothills

Published by Bikeshed Books in 2018.

Currently still has a full hand of five star reviews!

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