Writing for you?

As a freelance writer, I am more than happy to write on behalf of others. Just as some people can accurately draw what they see before them, a writer worth his salt should be able to use the best words in the best order, so as to ensure that how something is received reflects as closely as possible how it was transmitted. This is particularly vital on a piece that is of key importance to the writer, or where there is only one chance to get it right.

I work from home and so have no costly overheads, no shareholders and no expensive capital equipment. This enables me to be both cost-effective and relatively quick.

What I do

Speechwriting  and Presentations(business, wedding, charity or other event)

Brochures (non-technical)

Compression (where the key elements and sense of a longer document need to be compressed effectively into an introductory or summary page.)

Important letters 

Home pages on websites


Blogs (regular or one-off)

Books (ghost written or otherwise!)

How I work

You tell me as accurately as possible what you want done. As soon as I have established how much research is needed on my own part, I will give you an estimated cost and timescale, with the aim of providing you with value and speed. The better the brief, the quicker the job.

I will send you a draft for your comment and correction either at the end of the process, or, in the case of a more complex piece of work, at the end of each stage.

Once you are happy with it, I will send you your perfect, checked copy.

What I charge

£25.00 an hour, with a minimum job rate of £50.00

Out of pocket expenses (eg travel) charged at cost

I am equally happy to cost per job, rather than by the hour

For further information, please contact me on rmg@dexam.co.uk

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